THE RETREAT: The MKS retreat format is unique. Kitemakers bring their sewing machines and supplies, and everyone sets up in a large conference room. All presentations are made in the same room so there's no need to carry machines around. There are projects for both the beginning and advanced kitemaker  and some for non-kitemaking spouses. The retreat is a wonderful place to see old friends, make new ones, and learn and play!

Our traditional sumptuous banquet (paid for in your registration) and grand auction will be Saturday night. We have room for only 35 participants in the retreat, each with his or her own 8-foot work table. You are registered when your check is received; we're urging you to do that right away to ensure that you have a space.

Our kite retreat presenters read like a "Who's Who" of kitemaking, and include:

Michael Goddard

Bobby Stanfield

Drake Smith

Bas Vreeswijk

Robert Brasington

John Pollock

Martin Lester

Greg Kono

Ron Gibian

Istvan Bodoczky

Jon Burkhardt

Kevin Shannon

Jose Sainz

Mike Mosman

Bob & Charmayne Umbowers

Pierre Fabre

Steve Brockett

Normand Girard