Winter 2018 Kite Retreat News!

The 2018 MKS Winter Retreat, featuring figure kites, is entitled Fur, Feathers, and Figure Kites

Our 2018 retreat will be held in the same location as in recent years, the Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott City, Maryland. 

The 2018 retreat begins on Friday evening February 16 and ends on Monday noon February 19.           Our featured presenter for our 2018 MKS retreat is Mike Shaw from Arizona.  Mike will be presenting his marvelous “critter kites”   --   giraffe, snake, lion, and owl.  You might even see an elephant in the room! You can make one or more of these kites or a different critter of your imagination.  

Deb Lenzen will present her feather kite (first place winner in figure kites at AKA’s 2017 Ocean City convention). Joining the feather mania, Alice Hayden will lead a workshop on "Feathers, A Kite Accessory".  Other cool and interesting events will also take place. 

From the comments received to date, we think that there would be a good chance that this year's retreat will again be extremely popular ---  so we're again limiting registration to 35 registrants on a first come, first served basis.  Don’t get left out:  you will be considered registered only after your check is received.

 Mike's "Funky Chicken"

Our kite retreat presenters read like a "Who's Who" of kitemaking, and include:

Michael Goddard

Bobby Stanfield

Drake Smith

Bas Vreeswijk

Robert Brasington

John Pollock

Martin Lester

Greg Kono

Ron Gibian

Istvan Bodoczky

Jon Burkhardt

Kevin Shannon

Jose Sainz

Mike Mosman

Bob & Charmayne Umbowers

Pierre Fabre

Steve Brockett

Normand Girard