The Winter 2014 Kitemakers Retreat -- A Cellular Kite Extravaganza!

See the 2014 Workshop Kites Here!

The winter kitemakers retreat will feature legendary kitemaker Bobby Stanfield and our own Drake Smith, with everything you want to know (or wish you knew) about cellular kites. 

A Bobby Stanfield Grand National Champion kite!

Bobby has designed a special winged box kite for the 2014 MKS retreat.  It reminds us a bit of his prize-winning Stone Mountain kite. We hear that on the test flight of the prototype, a very famous California kitemaker that you all know didn’t want to let go of this kite.  The kite is about 4 feet by 4 feet in size and has lots of Bobby fittings and features.  Bobby is making kits with all components for this kite, and he’s willing to sell them for just the cost of materials.  If you know Bobby’s kites, you know that everything is absolutely the best and super light.  The financial translation of that is that each kit costs $130.  Bobby’s making 10 of these kits; he’ll make up to 10 more if you sign up in advance.  Please let us know ASAP if you want one.

  A Drake Smith 9 cell.

Drake will be teaching his techniques for small multi-cellular kites.  The official class project will be a 4-cell box kite; if you’re interested, it can be expanded to a 9-cell or 10-cell kite.  Each cell is about one cubic foot.  Sticks and fittings are very small and lightweight.  Drake is making 10 complete 4-cell kits and could make more on order.  Kit prices will be available shortly.  Please let me know ASAP if you want one.

Our kite retreat presenters read like a "Who's Who" of kitemaking, and include:

Michael Goddard

Bobby Stanfield

Drake Smith

Bas Vreeswijk

Robert Brasington

John Pollock

Martin Lester

Greg Kono

Ron Gibian

Istvan Bodoczky

Jon Burkhardt

Kevin Shannon

Jose Sainz

Mike Mosman

Bob & Charmayne Umbowers

Pierre Fabre

Steve Brockett

Normand Girard