People have flown kites for thousands of years, and it's still a popular activity today. Did you know that the United States has a National Kite Month? The National Kite Month is a year long effort by kite professionals, enthusiasts, supporters, manufacturers, and friends to promote the wonderful qualities that kite flying has to offer people of all ages & physical ability levels. 

Kiting is truly a universal activity, limited only by the imagination.Kites have played an interesting role in many societies and nations of the world for thousands of years. Kites have been used as:cultural symbols and canvases for artistic expression, instruments of science, technology and war, pastimes and amusements for young and old alike, and as a pursuit for serious hobbyists. The exact origin of kiting is unknown to world, but it is believed that kites were flown in China two thousand years ago. Some people believe that a Chinese farmer had tied his hat to a string in order to prevent it from blowing away by strong wind, which was probably the first kite ever flown. Some 200 B.C. when the Chinese General Han Hsin of the Han Dynasty used kite in order to measure the distance that his army has to dig a tunnel so as to reach the city he wanted to attack, and there are written accounts of kite flying by Han. It was one great way to pass the defenses and enter the city, sure enough it was a great formula for victory at that time. 

Every country has its own style and purpose of flying kite, in India kiting is a part of a great social festival. People everywhere fly kites from the terrace of their houses; thousands of kites can be seen flying in sky at a time. In India, kiting was famous right from the Mogul period. In Japan, kites were flown to keep evil spirits away and where believed that they bring good luck in production of grain. Kiting is also believed to be one of the hobbies which made many people in Japan go crazy and forget about their work, and so Edo government tried to discourage them from flying kites. Kiting was also used in history for the purpose of theft, one thief used to steal golden statues from a castle. 

There are many different types of kites:

Types of single line kites: 

Flat kites
Bowed and Dihedral kites
Cellular (and box) kites
Sled kites
Parafoil kites
Rotating kites 

Types of Multi-line kites: 

Dual line kites
Triple line kites
Quad line kites 

In kiting, there is something for everyone!

Our kite retreat presenters read like a "Who's Who" of kitemaking, and include:

Michael Goddard

Bobby Stanfield

Drake Smith

Bas Vreeswijk

Robert Brasington

John Pollock

Martin Lester

Greg Kono

Ron Gibian

Istvan Bodoczky

Jon Burkhardt

Kevin Shannon

Jose Sainz

Mike Mosman

Bob & Charmayne Umbowers

Pierre Fabre

Steve Brockett

Normand Girard