About the Maryland Kite Society

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If you haven't registered yet for our Kitemaking Retreat, this is your last chance to do it! We have only 3 seats remaining as of January 9, 2017, and after that we'll have to say no for this year.

Winter 2017 Kite Retreat News!

We're very happy to announce that kite artist Michael Goddard will be our featured presenter at our kitemaking retreat!  Check out his wonderful website, http://www.idesignkites.com/.  More information about the retreats other presenters  coming soon! Download a registration form here

We'll be making two of Michael's kites -- Sting and the Rebel. See them below:





About the Maryland Kite Society

Organized on January 25, 1969, The Maryland Kite Society (MKS) is the second oldest active kite club in the United States. While its membership hails mainly from the mid-Atlantic states, the MKS boasts members from across the nation and several foreign countries.MKS's official set of purposes include sharing information about kitemaking and kiteflying, providing ongoing continuity and support for local kite festivals and subsidiary groups of kiting enthusiasts, and providing a community education resource for the development of kite craftspeople and flyers of present and future generations. More about us...

The 2016 Winter Kitemakers Retreat Featured Presenter Loik Lamalle in His First time teaching in U.S.!

More about the kite retreat and costs...

Our kite retreat presenters read like a "Who's Who" of kitemaking, and include:

Bobby Stanfield

Drake Smith

Bas Vreeswijk

Robert Brasington

John Pollock

Martin Lester

Greg Kono

Ron Gibian

Istvan Bodoczky

Jon Burkhardt

Kevin Shannon

Jose Sainz

Mike Mosman

Bob & Charmayne Umbowers

Pierre Fabre

Steve Brockett

Normand Girard